Wearable Art - Nuno Felted Alpaca Scarves & Wraps

Welcome to Alpaca Whimsy on Etsy!

I'm Jayme. I'm a fiber artist, female entrepreneur and alpaca farm manager for Sage Hill Farms Alpacas where we have 40 wonderful alpacas & lots of alpaca fiber.

SHF carries a range of alpaca socks to keep your feet happy. Other products (hats, scarves, blankets etc) can be ordered upon customer request.

At SHF our alpacas fiber is put to work to help feed our herd of 40 alpacas & 1 llama. Our farm contributes half of our annual harvest to the NEAFP fiber cooperative which supports not only our farm, but other alpaca farms. NEAFP is a processor that pride themselves on producing high-quality alpaca products and maximizing the value of our raw alpaca fiber, so that we can offer, in turn, this high-quality, environmentally and socially conscious alpaca products to the market.

After shearing our alpacas in May, I skirt and hand-sort the fleeces in order to produce a range of products which use all grades of fiber. At the cooperative, it is then sorted by color, grade, then hand-baled, scoured, spun and then finally, either machine knit or woven into beautiful, high quality alpaca products.

The creative side of SHF Alpacas is Alpaca Whimsy. I design and create custom "Wearable Art - Nuno Felted Alpaca Scarfs & Wraps" from our alpacas luxurious fiber. I work with customers to choose colors and design elements to create a OOAK handmade alpaca scarf or wrap that reflects your personality.

Our alpacas graciously let me utilize their fiber for my "play". They are wonderful creatures and it gives me real joy to use fiber from animals I love to create art for others to enjoy.

Sage Hill Farms Alpaca farm website is www.shfpacas.com if you want to check out the awesome creatures who make this luxurious fiber.

Proceeds from all sales go directly into hay and feed plus veterinary care for the alpacas. Help me feed the hungry, hungry alpacas.

I are confident that you will find that these alpaca products will exceed every expectation of a luxury fabric; soft and silky, yet warm and lightweight. Like a fine heirloom, your alpaca product should provide you with years of satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through Etsy or at jayme [!at] shfpacas.com. I am very happy to assist.